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Welcome to contact us and order our semi-trailer, SF has the best quality and cost-effective price  price. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible service and for you to get the most out of your SF trailer. Our online sales representatives with review your order and contact you with estimated delivery date.

Trailer Innovation

Apart from common trailer type such as flatbed, lowbed, tanker, etc, we provide a wide range of innovated trailer to satisfy our customers. Our good team of technician combines most up-to-date trailer technology together with customers’ special demand, to design brand new trailer type which will suits local requirement in customers’ region.

Special trailer types includes: hydraulic folding gooseneck lowbed, hydraulic detachable lowbed, container side loader, gullwing trailer for rice crate loading, extendable flatbed for windmill transport, etc.

Shipment Options

Shipping cost plays a big part in oversea trailer business. SF provides several major options for trailer transportation.

Option 1: CBU sea transportation
  • Advantages: No need for local assembly, trailer can be used directly when arrived
  • Disadvantages: Higher ocean freight cost

In this option, the trailer will be shipped in CBU (completely built) terms. After the clearance at local customs, the trailer can be used directly, no need for further assembly. The freight cost is charged by total trailer dimension (cubic meter) and the cost will be higher than other options. It’s suitable for orders of small quantity.

SF Semi Trailers Transportation service

Option 2: SKD sea transportation and oversea assembly.
  • Advantages: Cheaper ocean freight
  • Disadvantages: Need local assembly when trailer arrives, a local workshop is required

In this option, the trailer will be shipped in SKD (semi knocked down) terms. The trailer components will be loaded into standard 40ft HQ containers and shipped to customers. After local clearance, we will send technicians and labors to customers’ workshop for assembly. The price is charged by how many containers are used. The total freight cost is the cheapest among all options but the time table is the longest, also it requires the customers to have assembly workshop in local.

SF Semi Trailers Transportation service

Option 3: CBU road transportation.
  • Advantages: Trailer can be driven directly to the reception
  • Disadvantages: Higher transport cost, only available for neighboring regions.

This option suits the customer from neighboring countries with land borders such as Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Russian far east region, etc. The trailers are towed by prime mover to the border for delivery. In this option, the shipment cost is charged by the total land transport distance.

Proper packaging and transportation are an important part of our service. Since semi trailer and trailer parts are heavy machinery products that are comparable in volume to international standard containers, different sizes and products require individual packaging and transportation options. Based on the experience and understanding of the structure of the product, Ultraton can provide the most appropriate advice.
We are long term partners with many famous shipping lines and forwarders i.e. COSCO, ONE, PIL, MSC, CMA, etc. We arrange one-stop booking service at the most competitive freight cost.

. Provide the best feasible and effective packing way and timely manner.
. Arrange shipping space booking, customs clearance, etc..
. Make an appointment for product inspection if required.
. Prepare necessary documents for customs clearance.
. Track delivery status until you receive the cargo.
. Sea/ Railway/ Road transportation subject to your location.
. Packing: CBU or SKD in seaworthy Export Standard.