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3 Axle Flatbed Container Semi Trailer Truck

Origin: China
Apply to : 20″ / 40″container transportation
Payload: 50 Ton(Max.)


SF Semi Trailer offer a range of both fixed and sliding skeletals for operators dealing with a variety of container lengths each designed and built to the same exacting standards that have given us the market leading status and reputation we have today.
Key features:

3 Axle Flatbed Container Semi Trailer Truck Fixed
.Un-laden weight under 5000kg  2%
.LED sidelights and outline markers
.Option of crank-handled or screw type twist locks
.Range of individual options

3 Axle Flatbed Container Semi Trailer Truck Sliding
14-lock patented award winning design
.Suitable for 20′, 30′, 40′ and 45′ plus 13.6m intermodal containers
. Roller arrangement allow bushes to be changed without splitting trailer
.Automatic reset to ride height raise/lower
.Disc or drum brakes available
.Optional self-track rear axle
.Pull-out galvanised crash bar and front nose cone as standard
.Optional ADR specification

Our production line can also design and customize the trailer into heavy duty vehicle , to add goose neck , and hydraulic ramp , or , to make front block wall , so as to strengthen the whole body structure to make the vehicle more endurable and match with the clients’ requirement , and meanwhile make its loading capacity reach to 50 tons or more .

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3 Axle Flatbed Container Semi Trailer Truck | semi trailer truck | truck and trailer

Our production line can manufacture different truck models for different transportation needs .

For the trucks , we receive the truck chassis or tractor heads from SINOTRUK , FOTON , SHACMAN , FAW , and other China famous brand chassis to modify the specs and configuration , and so as to make the body from our production line match with the truck chassis in a perfect way ,to make a complete truck with different functions .The cargo truck chassis or the dump truck chassis from different brand Chassis factory are delivered to our production line and formed into various complete trucks .

3 Axle Flatbed Container Semi Trailer Truck | semi trailer truck | road tractors for semi trailers

All the special trucks can be assembled on our production line , such as : Wrecker Truck , Garbage Collection Truck , Water tank truck , Fuel Tank truck , Crane truck , Fire-Fighting truck , etc , we can meet the clients’ demand according to the working situation demand .

Clients can send us detailed specification requirement for their project need , and we will customize the truck accordingly .

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